Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Granada, Spain

The city of Granada is placed at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains where The Alhambra, a Moorish citadel and palace is located. The complete form is actually Calat Alhambra or pronounced in Arabic, Al-Qal'at al-Ḥamrā which means "the red fortress". When going to Granada, the Alhambra Palace should be in the number one in your "must visit" places. Inside the palace you can walk in the beautiful gardens and passages and see the amazing architecture with Arabic writings carved on the walls of the building. Reaching on one of the top parts of the tower, the district of Albayzin can be seen in its most majestic angle. It is a view you don´t imagine seeing in Europe but there she is, posing to feed our hearts and be mesmerized.
Granada is also well known for its prestigious University of Granada built in 1531 by Emperor Carlos V. The university receives 10,000 international students for it´s success Spanish language and culture, and Hispanic Studies courses. Where there are lots of international students, it makes the city even more colorful and rich of culture, not to mention the vibrant night life it offers.
Travel Tips:
Alhambra palace is on top of a hill so unless you are a strong walker I suggest taking the 30 and the 32 line (public bus) from the center of the city which takes you to the main entrance of the palace. Once you arrive in the entrance, you can ask for a tour guide to show you around the palace for a descent price or you can always buy a cheap book about the palace.
Hotels or hostels and other sorts of accommodation is so easy to find. In case you are staying for a long period of time, being a student city you can always find a home stay with the local families.
Photography Tips:
I took this photo with my Nikon N75 and used a black and white roll film and also a red filter. I used to carry 2 N75s around with me, for black and white and color photography. Nowadays you can always convert from color to black and white using any photo editing software.
Black and white photography brings out lines and details somehow in color photography we take for granted, dark windows and contrast is among the few. I mentioned about using a red filter, well you can also experience the effects of other colored filter can do to your black and white photography when using a black and white film. Here are some explanation for different color filter for black and white films to dramatically alter the tones:
Yellow Filter - Makes your yellows, oranges and red subjects to become lighter.
Orange Filter - Darkens your blues and greens while lightens your oranges and reds.
Blue Filter: - Making reds and oranges become slightly darker and blues and greens slightly lighter.
Red Filter: - Makes blue and green very dark while making pink and orang almost white. Red becomes almost orange color.
Green Filter: - Makes blue and green lighter and on the contrary makes red and orange darker.


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