Monday, August 2, 2010

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is not for every body. Sadly to say, it is not one of my strongest points but I am very happy with the way this picture came out. I found out that taking close up portrait photos is not just pointing your camera to the subject and start snapping and get a stunning result. It´s more than that. Knowing your subject´s name and personality really helps how you want your portrait to come out. My suggestion is to know your subject and have a nice conversation before starting the photo session. Get to know their personality, laugh with them, that way you see what you want to see in their eyes and capture that moment. By knowing their personality you get to know what is their comfort zone and what is not. Taking your subject to their comfort zone or out of their comfort zone works both as well as long as you know the limits. Of course lighting, angles and camera setting is also important but today I just want to share what is out of the box. We as the photographers need to make our subject as comfortable as possible and make the sessions as fun as possible. Without the personal approach, you can spend 10 minutes and wrap the session up because your subject seemed bored or you can spend hours and hours taking pictures because you manage to create a bond and a fun and relaxing atmosphere for both you and your subject.
Next time, my portrait photography post will touch more on the technical part of how to set your camera and lighting tips.

"A true portrait should, today and a hundred years from today, the testimony of how this person looked and what kind of human being he was." -Philippe Halsman-


  1. there is no better person to take a photograph of, that of Carla Y. Casal. Truly the most warm hearted, intelligent, charismatic human being I have ever met in my entire life...and if you get to read this just know You will always have a place in my heart.