Sunday, August 29, 2010

Simple Is Beautiful II - Over Exposed Photography

On my previous post on Simple Is Beautiful I uploaded a photo that I took of a wooden dock and over-exposed it and making it look simple. I explained that a photo with less detail could be as interesting as with lots of details or even more. With the available space you can always write something you believe or your feelings to those you consider special.
I asked my visitors to write something for me to post on the 30th of August (My birthday) and here are the results.
Of course if you are more advanced in photoshop you could always make something more creative to your photos, perhaps add a few artistic patterns to it. Mine is just basic adding text to a photo.

Valery Lorenzo Photography
His unique classy way of capturing light and shadows captures the life and moment of his black and white photography. Fresh and amazing ideas his work speaks for itself.

Guiseppe Cuchiarra Photography
Photos of places and events around the world. Clean and very crisp quality, Giuseppe's photos takes you along with his travels.

Astrid Wasistyanti Blog

A proud Indonesian girl who shares her thoughts and experiences, she chooses to write her blog in Indonesian Language or Bahasa Indonesia. Away from her beloved country she still values her roots. Her positive young and intelligent vibe makes her blog friendly and open for new friends from around the world.




  2. Valéry, there is nothing more cool than elvis singing happy birthday to you.
    Cool video!
    Rendy Loudewijk