Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Abbey The Cat

It´s one of those days when you need to clean your room thoroughly with the windows and curtains wide open to let the sun light in and change your bed sheets when I took this photo. Abbey just love being on my way every time I have to do something. Well, luckily the lighting and the pose was great, so i grabbed my camera and took this shot. Fortunately it turned out well cause she ran away after she heard the shutter made a noise.
It is a bit tricky taking pictures of animals especially animals that are hard to train how to "stay" like a dog for example but it´s always rewarding. I did not have any special camera setting for this spontaneous shot. Frankly the setting was on automatic and this picture has been enhanced by Photoshop CS4. I played around with the dark and light curves to make the white brighter and Abbey herself slightly darker for the contrast.

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