Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Angels Sleep Too

I usually don´t take pictures of angels in the graveyard but this one was different, it didn´t give me the chills. I also love the fact that it was taking a nap, an angel sleeping on duty is a rare sight so I decided to take this picture.
The location of this graveyard is in Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is the same location of Evita Peron´s resting place. It´s a must "go visit" place especially during the weekends where just outside the graveyard is a handy craft market of local artists.
I took this picture with my Nikon N75 camera and a ISO 100 black and white roll. The setting was set to automatic and it should work well with any camera. The thing that makes the difference is the angle where you take the shot and what you capture also within the shot. I minimized capturing what ever was around it and concentrated on the angel itself.

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