Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ice Breaker - Almirante Irízar

This ship was named after an Argentine Lieutenant Commander Julián Irízar and was launched in February 1978. The commander commanded this ship when a Swedish Antarctic Expedition led by Professor Otto Nordenskjöld was trapped by the Antarctic winter, the mission was a success.
Almirante Irízar's peacetime missions include annual campaigns to resupply and rotate the personnel assigned to the Argentine Antarctic outposts, as well as conducting and supporting scientific endeavors in Antarctica. She has also conducted several passenger tours to Patagonia and the Antarctic.
In 2007 a fire broke out in the secondary electricity generators and the captain had to ordered evacuation. Fortunately the damages are fixable and repairs in Buenos Aires are expected to take until mid up to end of 2010.
God's speed Irízar for your recovery and hope to see you in the open sea again where you belong!

Photography Tips:
The Irízar is not as big as a cruise ship but it's still big. I took several shots of her but I decided to keep this picture. The other pictures which I took of her was a full body shot but there was lots of tourists and parked cars on the foreground and some tacky buildings on the background. There was too many unnecessary details which I could not avoid so I kept it simple and kept the most important part of the Irízar which is the bow (front part of a ship)which she uses to break ice for rescue missions. Keeping it simple refers back to one basic principal that less is more.
I used my Nikon N75 for this picture and to fix the grey dull clouds I used a cokin sunset creative filter P198.

"A ship is always referred to as "she" because it costs so much to keep one in paint and powder." -Chester W. Nimitz-


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