Monday, July 26, 2010

Herb Ritts Montage Reel

I want to share a video and still images by Herb Ritts today posted by Herbrittsfoundation in youtube which brings justice to his amazing work and basically how and why I fell in love more to photography especially black and white photography. I had the privilege to go to Herb Ritts exhibition in Vienna, Austria in 1996 and see most of his work on display and it was an amazing experience. Herb Ritts Exhibition is very seldom these days but I suggest to go if you ever hear of one and I can assure you that you will find yourself inspired and motivated in a new positive way and if you are one of those people who associate nude fine art photography as pornographic scene, watch this video and think again. There are tons of pictures and videos of Herb Ritts in the internet, please search and read about him. He is no doubt my number one photographer icon and influence.

"Many people who excel are self-taught." -Herb Ritts-


  1. Thanks for following me a kiss, hey these pictures are beautiful, you have that much influence is great Herb Ritts, see you later greetings

  2. Que fotografias más bonitas, me mataste con la de los perritos!

    He visto que estas de Argentina, espero que sepas español porque mi ingles da para poco, que tristeza.

  3. Geminis - Thanks for visiting back my website. Yes, Herb Ritts is "el capo".

    Soñadora E - Hola!! si estoy viviendo en buenos aires hace 6 años asi que mas o menos me manejo en español jeje..De donde sos?
    Me alegra que te hayan gustado mis fotos.