Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Light

This photo session was actually fun and unexpected, it was taken outdoors on one late afternoon on the roof of my house. The original setting was not as dark as it looks right now and there was definitely no spot light on top of the model. How I made this photo? Photoshop CS4. Before continuing on how I made this photo look the way it looks right now, I just want to say that editing in Photoshop CS4 is very easy. The tools are made user friendly and there are tons of tutorial videos on youtube on every editing scenario possible. I never went to a Photoshop course although I am thinking of attending to one but what I am trying to say is "it´s that easy." Photoshop CS4 Portable can be really handy when you are travelling. Save it in your pendrive and start editing in whatever computer you are using.

Editing Tips:
Lets move on to the fun part. I used the lighting effects in Photoshop CS4 and to locate the lighting effects tool just follow these steps; Filter --> Render --> Lighting Effects. You will now see a preview of your photo that you wish to edit and an oval looking shape with a dot in the center, left, right, bottom and top of the oval. The top dot is your source of light and use the center dot to move the source of light wherever you want within the picture and your left and right dot is how bright or dim you want the light effect to be. The narrower it is the dimmer the light becomes and on the contrary the broader it is making a circle shape like, the brighter the light will be. The top and bottom works the other way round as the left and right dot. Experiment by moving it around and press "ok" when you have found your desired light effect. Note that as you narrow down the oval using the left and right, what is left over of the picture outside the source of light range will become darker. Happy editing folks!

"Light, God´s eldest daughter" -Thomas Fuller-


  1. Me complace la forma que tienes de explicar como realizas tus fotos, para los que quieren experimentar con las imágenes es perfecto.

  2. Orfili- Muchas gracias por visitar mi pagina y el comentario que me dejaste.
    Rendy Loudewijk