Saturday, July 31, 2010

Photography Tips - Overexposed Photos

One of my followers in this blog sent me an email asking me about overexposed photos & how to fix them. Unfortunately I had to tell him the truth, 85 percent of overexposed photos are too difficult to fix. Different with underexposed photos, they are easy to fix. In his reply he seemed sad and disappointed because it´s the kind of shots you don't get second chance taking. A couple of days later I offered him to do an online workshop with me through skype & he agreed. During the workshop session I explained to him how to set his camera to avoid overexposing shots and also persuaded him to convert the overexposed photos to black and white using photoshop. A few minutes later he called me back & sounded really happy and positive. He showed me the results and it was stunning. Unfortunately he did not give me the permission to post his photos to compliment this article for some third party reason, I respect that and I totally understand so I posted a couple of my old photos instead that were badly overexposed and edited it so that everyone can see what I mean.

You might also be interested in the link below for some photography tips I wrote on how to best convert color photo to black and white and avoid bad habits to become a better photographer.

Best way to convert color photo to black and white

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Reminder: Do not delete your old photos as they may come handy one day!


  1. Em diversas situações a superexposição realmente fica muito linda. Principalmente em p&b. Como nas fotografias acima. Genias!


  2. Cecilio, gracias por el comentario!
    un abrazo
    Rendy Loudewijk

  3. For beginners like me, the ability to get the right exposures under certain conditions is a must if he has an inclination of mastering photography. Once he has done it, next thing to know is to study the art of composition.