Friday, August 13, 2010

Lines In Nude Photography

Speaking about lines in nude photography, my first topic is about how important to have a line in nude photos and the second will be about where to draw the line between fine art nude and pornographic nude. I know there are no obvious nude in this photo but I think it serves it's purpose well for the topics I chose for today.

1. Stress on the line in nude photography.
I have mentioned in my previous posts that lines in photography in general is very important and is considered to be key element when someone gives their opinion whether or not the photo is great or poor. It´s the same rule as in nude photography. Have you ever thought what your eyes are doing when you are looking at a photo? For those who are not aware, first your eyes are actually following the lines in the photo from one end to the other, second and so on the other details. Lines creates dimension in your photos which does not make the eyes tired nor sends boredom to your brain. On the contrary, your eyes are actually sending interest because it is not lacking activity. Nude photography is not just placing a naked model in front of your lense and start taking photos. You have to pay attention on your model's curves and lines, not to mention lighting to create shadows but we'll talk about lighting in nude photography in another opportunity. Make sure you have some kind of contrast in lines or curves in your nude photography for the eyes to follow and not just a naked body. When I mean curves, it does not mean that nude photography is only for the violin shaped body. That's the amazing thing about art, there are no limits. We must think outside the box.

2. Where do you draw the line between nude art and pornography?
I have heard from a lot of people that nude art is black and white whereas pornography is in color. I often hear that all nude materials are considered pornography. It´s a question that answers are relative and can never be absolute.
I draw the line looking at the purpose and the end result. Nude art in my opinion does not have the purpose to arouse anyone sexually and it should be able to portray a different meaning other than just lust. For example when I went to a nude photography exhibition I saw a couple of photos of a naked woman one portraying "fragile" and the other "freedom".

What about you? Where do you draw the line between nude art and pornography?


  1. Do you want to know the difference ?
    Art is with the feather
    Pornography is with the chicken !


    Best regards

  2. Valery, I guess you can put it that way *lol* ;)
    Take care

  3. Not a lot about photography, or anything you say, but I learn a lot from your explanations, pornography is very explicit, however, there are pictures of naked bodies are beautiful, inspiring beauty only to those I love.

  4. I´m glad that my explanations are useful to you. I can relate to your opinion in nude photography.

  5. I can tell you what I feel about the art of photographing the nude. I really like because it has sensuality, poetry, song, mystical tone, freshness ... pornography shows just the sex itself.

    I liked this picture ... a good start.

    Kisses with love.

  6. Hi Teca, I really like how you put together your opinion on the art of photographing the nude. Thanks for liking this picture and I hope I have more opportunity taking nude photography.
    Take care!

    Hugs & Kisses,
    Rendy Loudewijk