Sunday, August 15, 2010

Night Lights Photography

Night lights photography is very popular amongst beginners and professional photographers and I have never met one that hasn't at least once taken a picture of the night lights. For pros shooting this kind of low lights situations may seem like a walk in the park but for beginners it can be frustrating especially when trying to use the manual mode. Just remember when using the manual mode if you set the shutter speed low you should set the aperture higher and when shutter speed is high the formula is the contrary. In my next post on night lights photography I will talk more about values of shutter speed and apertures and how it would effect on the results.
Another thing that is also important when shooting in low lights situation is to always use a tripod to avoid shaking unless you have very steady hands which is also a hard thing to do because you most probably be using low shutter speed and it might take a few seconds depending the needs of the photo you want to achieve.
In case you already have experience in night light shots and had no problems with it, it would be a wise thing to do it again just for the sake of tuning the know-how and avoiding forgetting small details.

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