Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Photo Hunting

When I am at home and have nothing to do I usually go photo hunting and sometimes just before I leave I would tweet or post on my facebook saying that I´m off to go photo hunting. I would then receive text messages or phone calls from my friends asking where am I headed to thinking that I am going to go somewhere far. Actually, I was just heading to a park four blocks away from my house. That is exactly what I want to talk about today, potential photo hunting sights does not necessarily mean that you have to go the distance. A lot of people take their backyard sometimes for granted or their 23rd floor apartment view of the city scrapes as nothing and they drive 2 hours to go photo hunting. So if you are low in budget this weekend and have nothing to do, make your day productive and one of them is to take a walk in your neighborhood and take pictures. Who knows whats out there, maybe you come home with a stunning photo that you can brag about to your family and friends and if you come home with a not so good result, at least you know your weakness in photography and find a way to improve so when you go for your next photo hunting session you would know what to do to avoid making the same mistake. Either ways, you learn and there is nothing more productive than learning.
Another point that I want to make is not so much whats going on in my head during the hunting session but actually whats in my head before leaving my house to go photo hunting. Before I leave I pause and I think where I´m going to and picture it in my mind what can I expect there. For example, in the park I can expect people playing with their dogs, children running around, ducks in a pond, someone feeding the pigeons, lovers reading books to each other and so on. Knowing what you can expect helps you in advance what kind of camera setting you need. If you know how to set your camera on the spot then you are good to go but if you still don´t know how to set your camera then take a longer pause and start looking it up in your camera´s manual book or even in the internet just in case you need to change your camera settings for a specific needs. Once you are comfortable, then you are also good to go.


  1. here i am , reading ur posts , so stop begging me to do so okay .. ;D hahaha , kiddin Ren :>

    a lovely blog with awesome tips .. :) keep this amazing work Ren :)

  2. Astrid, begging you to do so...hahaha thats a good one! I´m glad you visited and like my blog, I hope to see you here again soon!
    Thanks Trid!

  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog . You have also a very interesting blog with a beautiful photos. Congratulations ! I will follow you. :)

  4. Hi Mike, no problem, I really enjoyed your blog and looking forward to browsing it again tonight.
    Have a good one,
    Rendy Loudewijk