Sunday, August 8, 2010

Focus Points

Details in photography is very important. However too many details can be boring to look at especially if they have the same lines, patterns and colors. By minimizing the focus points your photos can still appeal interesting to look at even if the rest of the details are out of focus. If you feel there are too many colors try converting it to black and white using photoshop or other photo editing software. Play around with your focus points if your camera has a multi focus points. Make sure to position yourself in the right angle to line up your objects correctly from near to far so when you focus the middle point you have what is the closest and the furthest from you out of focus leaving in the middle part well focused. As long as you position yourself correctly you can chose which part you want to focus in the order you prefer.
I chose this photo of the Argentine Presidential guards which I took a couple of years ago to demonstrate what kind of situations are best to make these kinds of photography and I hope it serves its purpose well. By practicing this technique you will be more acute in angle strategies to get the perfect lines and framing scenes through your view finder.

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  1. I like your blog too ! Your photos are great and your tips are very interesting ! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.