Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Amped To Be Back!

So amped! After months or even years away from this blog I am so happy to be back. Just as well cause the rush to pick up my old N75 and D70 is kicking in again. I'm not even sure if anyone is still following or reading this blog but I am still happy to to be back, if anything, this I do for myself.

Just as my previous post, I think it dated back to March, 2011, I now live in Bali, Indonesia. I love living in Argentina but my path has taken me here, at least for now.

Most are probably already using sophisticated cameras now and taking marvelous shots with some crazy effects, I love a good photo when I see one but I will try to keep it old school. Well, maybe not too old cause I don't have time to develop my own prints and neither do I have the space for a dark room.

For those who I use to chat and skype with so intensively, it would be great to get back in touch with you and share new photos. Please private message me and lets have the laughs and idea sharing we use to have before.

New photos coming soon!

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