Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shooting Stars

Before I start I would like to say, yes, it is not a real shooting star and yes I realize that the moon should be bigger than the stars. It´s a real moon by the way.
Anyway, I realize that I have been talking about knowing your camera settings and spend less time post processing. Let me tell you the story behind this photo first. Originally this is a photo of the roof of my parents house which we all consider to be the family house where we gather and spend quality time together. I like to believe that my late grand parents whom I love dearly are watching over us and the house. Well, that is what the shooting star represents.
There was no other way than to use photoshop to make this photo as it looks right now. I would have to wait forever for a shooting star to happen right before my eyes. Photoshop is a very powerful tool and what I did with the original photo to look as it is now is the least what photoshop can do. I´m sure everybody these days are familiar with photoshop and I encourage everybody to learn and use it to meet whatever needs you need to perform. However, don´t become lazy and dependent on it for your photography work because that can develop to become a bad habit.
If you are interested in how to make these effects please do not hesitate to contact me and I would be happy to help you out. I´m not a photoshop expert but I love sharing what I know to anyone.


  1. Beautiful thoughts are motive. I agree with you on post-processing. I am not into photoshop but heard good things about it and probably need to learn from you later.

  2. 黄清华 thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Exactly, minimize post-processing but it´s always good to learn something new. Anytime my friend, I´d be more than happy to help you out but remember, I'm no photoshop expert.
    Take care,
    Rendy Loudewijk

  3. I admit I was a little bummed to read the stars arent real, but it is a beautiful picture, with a even more beautiful motive behind it.


    PS keep taking lovely pictures.