Sunday, January 31, 2010

La Boca, Argentina

La Boca is one of the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires´s 48 barrio (neighborhood). It is the home of the great Boca Juniors, one of the world´s best known football clubs. It´s colorful houses and lively pedestrian street "el caminito" has made la boca a popular tourist attraction. Walking along the street your pace is accompanied by the graceful tango music. Now if that´s not enough, dine in any restaurant in la boca and you will be treated a live tango show where you can also take pictures with the friendly dancers. Although, Argentina has the best meat ever, but when dining in La Boca make sure to order the variety of the fish main course.
La Boca is not too far from the Obelisk of Buenos Aires so there is no need to worry about public transportation and accommodations.
An important note to consider, although during the day La Boca is a beautiful tourist attraction, by night, I can´t say the same.
Photography Tips:
This picture was taken with my Nikon N75 camera. I could have taken a picture of the whole street of the "el caminito", but there was too many people and I always like to keep a little touch of art in my photos so I had to find the best angle and this is the outcome. Don´t be afraid to move around and place your self in what you feel is the best angle to take the picture and pay attention to the line details because if it´s angle you are after then line is inevitable.

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