Saturday, January 30, 2010

Obelisco de Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Obelisk of Buenos Aires. Located in the Plaza de la República (Republic Square) where the Argentine flag was flown for the first time in Buenos Aires. It was built in May 1936 and it stands 67 meters in height. Believe it or not, it´s construction took less than four weeks. Nowadays, the Republic Square is sometimes used as a public venue for cultural events and other important local gatherings for sports fans especially football. The local Racing fans filled the square with the sound of drumming, singing and victory when their team won the title of the "Apertura" Argentine League in 2001. It will definitely be the hot spot when Argentina play in the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. In the quieter days, you can enjoy the cafes and restaurants surrounding the square or even buy yourself a nice souvenir handy crafts. The Republic Square is also a walking distance to the famous Florida street, it is a pedestrian street with loads of shops and at night the Florida street converts to be a local night market where the locals sells their handy-crafts and their street performers shows off their skill in comedy acts, singing and even the famous tango dance. Accommodation is easy to find around the Obelisk, amongst young people hostels are the target. Most hostels in Buenos Aires offers great prices, activities such as tango shows, football matches, Spanish lessons, volunteer work, walking tours, city tours and pub crawl. What a way to really get to know the city and the people.
Photography Tips:
This picture was taken in 2004. I used my Nikon N75 and slowed down the shutter speed. Aperture f22, Exposure up to 30 seconds. If you don´t know how to play around with your shutter speed, I suggest you look it up and start practicing. The Buenos Aires Obelisk is at its sexiest look at night with some slow shutter speed effects.


  1. Tuve que muestran un paisaje de ensueño.
    Estoy muy feliz ...

    Desde el Lejano Oriente.

  2. one word.....STUNNING !!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Ruma & Adinda, gracias por haberme dejado un comentario tan lindo!
    Paz y amor,
    Rendy Loudewijk

  4. Great pic!
    When I was in Argentina I took some pictures with my camera too. I took lots of them from my apartment rental Buenos Aires. From there I learn how to use the Bulba effect create the same effect that slowing down the shutter speed.

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