Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Foreground & Background in Sunset Photography

Almost all sunset shots come out if not perfect almost perfect. It's one of the common themes that is taken amongst photographers from different level of expertise. Apart from being easy it is also rewarding.
I want to share a tip or two about taking pictures of sunsets. Most people tend to take just one single furthest object along with the sunset as a background to create that black and orange contrast. Which is fine, but I just want to say that having both foreground and background in sunset shots are just as rewarding and fills in the empty spaces.
Although taking pictures of sunsets is considerably easy, the peek of the moment itself passes by very fast and you might miss that golden chance if you are not prepared. Make sure to arrive more or less an hour earlier and have a look if you are going to take shots from different angles and positions. If you are going to customize your settings, take advantage of whats left of the natural light. During sunsets it can be too dark to set your camera. Take my word, you do not want to go home frustrated because you did not see the panoramic sunset because you were too busy setting your camera or you got there just a few minutes late and don't have a sunset shot to take home.
If you are traveling, ask the locals or tour guide where can you go to see an unforgettable sunset view.
Well, I hope this simple tips can make a difference in your sunset pictures.

Location: Uluwatu - Bali, Indonesia

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