Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Simple is Beautiful

There is something peaceful and beautiful about simplicity. You can have all the details into one photo but still would get bored easily. Being simple does not necessarily mean dull or boring. Being simple is always easy to relate to and soothing.
I over-exposed it by customizing the white balance and slowing the shutter speed to let as much light in as possible to whiten the sky and the river but still keeping the detail lines of the dock visible. It was taken mid-noon when the sun is right above my head and that helped a lot in the process.
To be honest I had a couple of tries and errors taking this picture. I stood there for a good 15 minutes, that´s a lot of time but I guess persistence pays it all off.
With photos like this you can just leave it and appreciate it as it is or you can write a beautiful sentece or two for someone you consider special.

Actually, that just gave me an idea. How about in the comment box you write something beautiful, something simple and on the 30th of August (My birthday) I will post back this photo with what you wrote and underneath it your name as the author of the up lifting words. I hope you guys do write back because I´m not such a good writer.


  1. Wonderful motive and I like it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on taking this image.

  2. que hermosa toma amigo! yo ha veces estoy bastante tiempo disparando, y en ocasiones vuelvo al lugar si no estoy conforme. Cosa que sucede a menudo... un abrazo

  3. Preciosa foto, buena composición y bonitos tonos. Saludos

  4. "I've waited for you to change my sea, my sky, my world, but the only thing that changed was you"

  5. life is too short to be anything but happy .