Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Equal Rights Not Special Rights

Hundreds of people gather today, 13th of July 2010 in Plaza de la Republica (The Republic Square) by the Obelisk of Buenos Aires to sing one song, dance to one rhythm and stand up for one cause; "Equal Rights for Gay Couples!" The same kind of song when women unite as one for their equal rights, the same kind of song when the African American & Black South African unite as one for their equal rights and the same kind of song we sing for our rights for housing, jobs, public accommodation, equal access for government benefits, equal protection of the law, marriage, authority to make medical decisions, handle insurance claims, receive relief aid, our rights by nature etc.

Remember that gay couples are only asking for EQUAL RIGHTS NOT SPECIAL RIGHTS.

"We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others."
-Will Rogers-


  1. I love your article.
    as argentine I want to tell you Thanks :))

    great blog, regards!!!!
    see you


  2. Hola Carina,
    Thank you very much for posting on this particular picture and article. I love Argentina and the people as well. I wish all the best for this big country.
    Aguante Argentina!!!
    Rendy Loudewijk